Digital Booth

Customise your experience

 Booth offers the option to personalize the initial screen with any desired theme. Additionally, the Salsa’s ring light boasts over 100 LED animations, resulting in a truly unique and tailored user experience.

Capture Stunning Moments

Selfie captures Photo, Boomerang, GIF and Video.

Selfie PhotoBooth Features

Capture Options

Still Photo, GIF, Boomerang or Video are just some of the options we have available with our Selfie Booths.

Instant Sharing

Alongside physical prints, we offer digital sharing instantly from the booth. Guests can easily share their memories on social media or via text or email.

Virtual Photo Booth

The Virtual Booth allows guests to have a Photo Booth experience on their mobile device without the need for an app, offering various upgrades and features. 📸

Live Gallery

All your captures will be added to a fully branded live gallery & updated in real time for all guests to see themselves.

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